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Search For a Personal Email Address
Search For a Personal Email Address
Make it easy for people to find you online.

Establish the one Web address where people will always find you…at your own name. No more impossible URLs to remember. Here are some examples of how other people are making their name work for them and some links to a few services we really like that will help you get started.

One Page Website

A simple one page website is a great starting point to getting online. Hover customer John Metta has done that at JohnMetta.com. It’s a simple place for people to find him online and learn more about him.

Your Lifestream

Phil Moreira wanted to let his friends know about his Twitter stream, and Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. He set up a Flavors.me account and forwards PhilMoreira.ca to that account.

Your Personal Blog

Dan Gillmor, a renowned journalist, blogs with passion at DanGillmor.com about the media industry, and the various projects he’s involved with.

Your Existing Profile

Another option is to just forward your name to one of the social media services you already use – your LinkedIn profile, a YouTube channel, Twitter (check out ikecottle.com), Flickr or even Facebook.

Domain Packages

packages starting from:

$15 no email
$35 + 1 mailbox
$60 + 6 mailboxes
Each domain includes:
  • Domain forwarding
  • Advanced DNS management
  • Unlimited custom URLs (branded shortcuts)
  • Whois Privacy
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Open quotesI’m an original nameplanet customer for years, and I’m happy with your performance of the system since it’s been part of Hover. I love the update of the 23th, the mail-features are much better now! I’m really pleased to see the improvements, thanks.Close quotes– Colette S.